Thursday 21 July 2011

Media Assassin

Mark 563 has set up a new tumblr dedicated to posting up scans of classic Hip Hop magazines like HHC, The Source, Represent etc. GO HERE

On a similar tip, the ever reliable Martorialist shared this article from the November 93 issue of The Source with rappers and journalists selecting their favourite music and memories from back in the day. Highly recommended as there's some great anecdotes in there.

I had a ridiculous amount of mags from the first issue of HHC in 88/89 onwards but had to ditch the lot when I moved so its good to see things like this appearing!

I've been lucky enough to receive a nice batch of tapes in the post recently(lots of Westwood, along with a few others) so expect some treats to appear very soon. I'm off on on holiday next week so I'll try and throw a few bits up before then.

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