Saturday, 28 August 2010

Flava Of The Month returns!

"DJ 279’s Friday Nite Flavas Rap Show is the longest running Rap Show in the UK boasting more than 15 years of transmitting continuous authentic Hip Hop on Choice FM London.
In 1993 DJ 279 launched Flava Of The Month, a monthly Hip Hop party @ The Borderline Club in Charing Cross Rd. The night provided a platform for numerous UK artists such as Fallacy, Blak Twang, Estelle, Skinnyman, MCD, David J, Scratch Perverts and Funky DL making it a must attend event for many years.
Flava Of The Month was also responsible for bringing Mad Skillz, Dead Prez, Big L, O.C, Canibus, DJ Cash Money, Tony Touch, Big L,
Big Daddy Kane and Master Ace to the UK, and those are just a few names on a very illustrious list.
Now Flava Of The Month is back to do it all over again...

What with MOP last week, and KRS and Rakim both having shows lined up it looks like there's gonna be alot going in London this autumn.


  1. This has reminded me that AZ REALLY should've got the Watch How It Go Down and How We Rock beats.

  2. Heard that MOP show on the Wednesday was off the hat rack

    Dunno if I can do Rakim, I missed the 1st show at Subterania where he lip-synced, dunno if I could stomach it tbh

  3. yeah, as much I'd love to see Rakim I've heard mixed reviews about his live show. Plus last time he was booked at Jazz cafe he cancelled anyway.
    Im thinking the KRS and AZ shows might have to be done though.