Saturday, 24 July 2010

DJ Step One 'Sicker Than Ya Average Vol 3' (2008)

This is a mix I made a couple of years back which is still one of my favourites. It clocked up a few hundred downloads at the time but I didnt have my own blog to post it on so thought I'd re-up for you in case you missed it first time round...


This actually started life as a 15 minute mix for a (badly organised) DJ competition sponsored by Alize, hence the 2Pac intro and Biggie samples. I carried on after the initial 15 and ran through a bit of everything - old and new Hip Hop, Reggae, R&B and some Breaks. This was pre-Serato too. Highly recommended!

2Pac intro
Mary Jane Girls 'All Night Long' instrumental (Motown)
Clipse 'When The Last Time' acapella (Star Trak)
Mary J Blige 'Back To Life 2001' (Rocafella)
Change 'Lets Go Together' (Cooltempo)
Mooqee 'Funk Machine Man' (Bomb Strikes)
Joe Budden 'Pump It Up' instrumental (Def Jam)
Jay Z 'Change Clothes' remix (AV8)
A Skillz 'With You' (Insane Bangers)
Naughty By Nature 'OPP' Ultramix remix (Tommy Boy)
Rayvon 'Pretty' (VP)
Krafty Kuts & A Skillz 'Tricka Technology' (white)
Supercat 'Ghetto Red Hot' Hip Hop mix (Columbia)
Mooqee 'Supacat Police' (Bomb Strikes)
Bobby Brown 'On Our Own' (MCA)
LL Cool J 'Around The Way Girl' Untouchables remix (Def Jam)
Derek B 'Get Down' acapella (Music Of Life)
Gap Band 'Outstanding' (Total Experience)
DaBrat & Notorious BIG 'Da B Side' (So So Def)
Spyder D 'I Cant Wait' instrumental (Champion)
Hijack 'Style Wars' acapella (Music Of Life)
Freestylers ft Tenor Fly 'B Boy Stance' original version (Freskanova)
East Side Hoods 'Funky Smile' (Areeba)
Tom Tom Club 'Genius Of Love' (Sire)
Mariah Carey ft ODB 'Fantasy' Bad Boy remix (Columbia)
Rob Dougan 'Clubbed To Death' (Cheeky)
Busta Rhymes ft Swizz Beatz 'New York Shit' acapella (Aftermath)
Jungle Brothers '40 Below Trooper' (Warner Bros)
The Mafia 'Scene Of The Crime' (white)


  1. word gonna check this out looks interesting.. stay outta the heat. i hear you uk is cold most of the time. where in uk are you? gotta make a trip out there soon

  2. Im just outside London. The main problem you'll find with UK weather is that its unpredictable. 4 seasons in a month or week isnt unusual!