Sunday 14 February 2010

DJ S&S and Craig G 'Niggas Dont Give A Fuck' (1996)

I played this one to death back in the day. Alot of the tracks on here were exclusive to this tape and I ended up buying most of them when they dropped.


  1. yeah...i remember this tape. this shit was crazy. one of my favorite mixtapes for sure. this shit always reminds me of the winter in early '96. had this tape on constant rotation in the walkmen on the busride to school and home. and on rotation playin the genesis. lol...goodtimes.

  2. yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! one of the best NY mixes ever. this tape was the first time I heard LA, LA, Put It In Your Mouth, World Famous, You'll See and Aint No Nigga. Life Changer. Thanks for posting!

  3. Can you re-up this tape?