Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Prodigy - Radio 1 Rap Show freestyles (2000)

"are you listening to the words or listening to the beat? listen to the words man!"

17 years ago this past weekend the M-O-B-B appeared on Westwood's show. Prodigy proceeded to go in with a 15 minute freestyle which I've kindly seperated into the 3 tracks you see above. Hearing him over The Lox's 'Fuck You' is a highlight.

If you want to listen to the whole show that those freestyle are taken from, you can find the first hour herePart 2 with Fab 5 Freddy is here and part 3 with Prodigy, Havoc and Alchemist is below

When you see your average generic American rap fan online debtaing their Top 5 rappers, or asking who the GOAT is, it's pretty much always the same fucking names. Having listened to helluva lot of Mobb Deep in the last few months (party because I was making this mix, which I highly recommend if you haven't checked it) I would say that Prodigy at his peak should definitely be in that conversation, but that rarely seems to be the case.

With that in mind, if you missed them...

Prodigy - You Ain't A Killer freestyle (1997)

Prodigy & Ty Nitty - DJ Clue freestyle (1996)

Saturday, 22 April 2017

The Dope Blend Theory

Here's a couple of blends I cooked up using 2 ATCQ joints, the first one is the 1nce Again acapella over the Crooklyn instrumental (which is produced by Q Tip and Ali). I was never a massive fan of the original 1nce Again beat and remember being quite underwhelmed when it appeared as the lead single for Beats Rhymes & Life. The Crooklyn beat gives it a bit more bounce imo.

The second one is Stressed Out over the Dead Presidents instrumental...

These were originally intended to be part of a 'mid 90s blends' mix I was putting together that never got finished, so I might post what I've got so far up as individual tracks over the next few weeks and months.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Kool G Rap & Papoose - New York Live freestyle (1999)

Before that brief period around 2005ish when Papoose was rolling with Kay Slay and Jive Records and looking like the next big thing, he was down with Kool G Rap. This freestyle is taken from an edition of New York Live on the Radio 1 Rap Show around the time G Rap's Roots Of Evil was due to drop. The full show is below, featuring A+ in part one, and Marley Marl hosting The Roots and G Rap in part two

Kool G Rap is performing in London for the first time in ages in June btw.

Monday, 17 April 2017

Who's your A&R?

aka Rap thangs that shouldn'ta done happened.

In the week that Kendrick Lamar became the first person in history to think that a rap album could benefit from Bono appearing on it (in place of the likes of Q Tip if rumours are to be believed) I thought I'd revist some terrible collaborations from the past. Obviously there's a lot so I put some restrictions in place:

- No cross genre collabs. That's a whole 'nother list - the Blade 2 soundtrack, that bizarre Brand Nubian dubstep album, Inspectah Deck and Coolio with Blondie. There's too many to consider.
 - No dead rappers. They're dead. They can't help it if their mum thought it would be nice to hear them on a song with Elton John.
 - No Wyclef records. He's worked with Tom Jones, Brian Harvey and The Rock ffs. He clearly doesn't care.
 - Nothing featuring Mr Hudson. He's another level of terrible and the song inevitably goes beyond being mildy disappointing to something more traumatic and offensive, albeit one that's strangely suitable for sub-par bars and high street retail outlets.

So, here's 5 times when rappers collaborating with other rappers fails to live to up to the sum of it's parts...

First up, the all-star collab:

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Biz Markie on the Radio 1 Rap Show (2001)

Biz touches down in the UK for an appearance at the Essential Festival. There's some reminiscing about the old days and a a chat about rare joints  - anyone know what the 'talking version' of The Vapors is? - before Biz clumsily mixes up some breaks (we'll put it down to jet lag) and drops a few of his own tracks with a bit of beatboxing  in between.

I edited out the beginning of the show as there was about 25 minutes of Biggie and 2Pac tunes, followed by Tim debuting Jay Z's 'Izzo' by playing it 2 times in a row, and a total of 4 times in the 3 hour show. Method Man and Teddy Riley's 'Party And Bullshit' also got played twice and that really isn't a very good song. You do get a Break To The Beat segment though which I thought had been done away with by the 2000s. Maybe it was because Biz was in the house.

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Radio 1 Rap Show 16.07.99 with P Diddy & Shyne

Puffy on Westwood's show from around the time 'Forever' dropped. He's also got Shyne with him, and it turns out this was the show that this freestyle went down on. Whole load of Bad Boy tracks get played, and then part two finishes off with the recording of Biggie performing at the Radio 1 Rap Show launch party in London back in '95.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

DJ Greenpeace - Dream FM Hip Hop Volume 4 (1993)

As far I know, Dream FM was a pirate station in Leeds that broadcast through the mid 90s. This isn't a recording of a show so I assume it's a mixtape used to promote the station. There was no DJ name on the cassette or the cover but the paper insert with the tracklist (see below) tells us it's "mixed the fuck up by Greenpeace" bka Dan Greenpeace aka Dan Large of HHC/Fat Lace fame, DJ Yoda collaborator, All City Show host and these days Dubai based concert promoter. Some top notch '93 selection for you...

There's no sign on Discogs of that Progressive Agenda EP unfortunately.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Westwood live from Sylvia's in Harlem (2003)

A ridiculous line up of guests on this show. You can find the first 90 minutes with Ja Rule and Sean Paul here, but the second half  is where it's at with Timbaland, Busta Rhymes, Noreaga, Kardinal Offishall, Freeway and TOK all passing through.

And here's the Freeway freestyle over In Da Club

NB: at the start Westwood says Busta will be on the following night's show, but this was a Saturday (there was no show on a Sunday) so I'm guessing this wasn't actually broadcast live and they forgot to cut that out of the edit.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

The Choice Is Yours (except it's not anymore)

I haven't downloaded (paid or otherwise) any new rap music so far this year. This is down to 2 things, the first being that nothing has really caught my attention and secondly I've become increasingly fed up with the restricted availability of certain songs. Before anyone draws for the 'old man yells at cloud' jpeg, I've tried to articulate this as best as possible without coming off too Abe Simpson about the state of things. I feel it's a legitimate grievance. Walk with me...and then tell me how you stay on top of everything in the comments section.

Firstly I should say that I always fully embraced music in a digital format. I downloaded my first track in 2002, and bought Serato in 2008. Unlike a lot of DJs I kept my vinyl, but if you were playing out it seemed insane that would prevent yourself from being able to access certain tunes that were only available on mp3. I don’t want to get into the pros and cons of vinyl vs digital as it’s a well worn discussion that - unbelievably - still gets bought up now.
My beef is with the current situation music consumers find themselves in, where there are so many platforms to acquire music from that it’s becoming impossible to keep up with what’s out there, and even if you have the time and motivation to do that, actually being able to buy what you want is a considerable mission.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

DJ Shame - The Funky Abstract Brother (1992)

No cover for this one but it's DJ Shame of Vinyl Reanimators fame mixing up some '92 Hip Hop with a few original samples and breaks chucked in. This is about a "proper" a mixtape as you can get - no shouts or exclusives, just dope music for 90 minutes.

I had to edit a few minutes out of each side as the tape had twisted up but the quality is otherwise pretty good.

Mystro on Kiss FM (2004)

The man now officially rolling as Mysdiggi up on Kiss FM with Big Ted and Shortee Blitz back in 2004 around the time he dropped the Music Mystro EP. As you'd expect with these 3 in the same studio there's jokes and jams and then a big freestyle sesh with Youngblood joining him on the mic.

It's good to see Mys blowing up off the back of that Sainsburys advert, which has almost banished the memory of that Christmas shitshow they dropped with the horrific vocal stylings of Bantz4Hire cheese monster J Corden. Almost.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Radio 1 Rap Show 19.03.99 - New York Live with Jeru, Black Moon, DJ S&S and Truck Turner

Even though I didn't catch many of them at the time, I'm starting to think that Westwood's New York Live shows with Marley are better than his Rap Exchange shows with Flex. DJ S&S is on the 1210s for a bit and all the guests drop freestyles on this one, with Craig G stepping up to rhyme alongside Truck Turner and Jeru. Pete Rock and TJ Swann are also in the studio. I imagine the #bantz was in full flow.

Part 1 with Truck Turner and DJ S&S

Part 2 with Black Moon and Jeru

and here's the the Buckshot and Jeru freestyles if you want them

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Nas on the Radio 1 Rap Show (2003)

Nas on Westwood doing some promo for God's Son. Lost Tapes 2 definitely coming out apparently. No freestyle unfortunately but I've only got an hour of the show here. Hopefully the other tape will turn up  (I found tape 2 - still no freestyle though) I had the Made You Look remix in regular rotation for a couple of years so it was good to hear that again for the first time in a while.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

CM Famalam Show 07.01.99

Bobbito & Lord Sear's CM Famalam Show on WKCR from January '99. The tape is a bit stretched (no pun intended) on this one which is a shame as it makes any tracks with pianos and strings - of which there are several - sound a bit off key. The recording was pretty bass heavy so I've done what I could to straighten it out. Minor issues aside it's decent enough to warrant posting. Enjoy.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

March 9th and all that

Here's the full version of Biggie's 'Real Niggaz Do Real Things' (aka "the one over all the west coast beats") which was all over the mixtapes back in '95 but for some reason rarely found in the full version you've got here. As you'd expect it appeared on a ton of bootleg 12"s but usually in parts 1, 2 and 3. All a bit strange. Anyway, this Crib Underground 12" has the best quality full length version that I'm aware of and it includes the DJ Jam interlude and everything...

His Bigness drops some classic verses over Deep Cover, G Thang, Murder Was The Case remix, Black Superman and Gin & Juice. He even shouts out Death Row at the end. Probably one of my favourite Biggie tracks.
Side note: I recently watched The People vs OJ Simpson and the use of Black Superman for Johnny Cochran to walk into the courtroom was fantastic.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Radio 1 Rap Show 12.11.99 with JT Money

As far as 90s shows went, it was kind of unusual for Tim to have guests from outside of the East Coast. Off the back of the success of No Limit and Cash Money in the US, other rappers from the South started getting some attention and depending on who they signed with, had the opportunity to venture overseas to do a bit of promo work. I'm guessing that when JT Money inked his deal he didn't envisage rocking Huddersfield Uni but apparently this actually happened, although I'm told his London gig didn't so without eye witnesses who knows. Either way, he's up at the Beeb for this show and Tim is pretty amped (about 8/10 I'd say). I lost track of the amount of times he says "dirty south" but it's a lot. Part two has a lengthy Noreaga freestyle (taken from a previous show) and JT's DJ gets in the mix towards the end.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Guru interview on KXCI 91.3 FM (1997)

Interesting one this. Guru being interviewed over the phone on a small community station out in Tuscon, Arizona. You Know My Steez had just come out and Moment Of Truth was being finished up for release in March '98. He mentions that they were trying to get Busta Rhymes on the remix for Steez but ended up going with Kurupt (probably for the better imo). He also offers up an acapella rhyme but unfortunately the dude in the studio leaves a beat playing so it ends up sounding a bit off due to the time delay on the phone and what have you.

The latest additions to the Westwood Archives mixcloud have just gone up:

Radio 1 Rap Show 10.04.99 with Busta Rhymes

Mixmasters Weekend 11.01.97 with One Step Ahead & DJ Casualty

Monday, 27 February 2017

Radio 1 Rap Show 25.03.00
New York Live with DJ Premier & Sauce Money

Another New York Live show broadcast from Marley Marl's crib with Cipha Sounds holding down turntable duties. DJ Premier and Sauce Money (someone I've been listening to a lot recently) are in the studio on part two.

I actually posted some of this show back in 2009 but my recording stopped just as Premier appears, so it's nice to have the whole show.

The Westwood Archives mixcloud page is up and running so make sure you keep an eye on that as I might throw a few shows on there that don't make it to the blog. Figure it might be best to just drop the more notable shows and highlights (freestyles, mixes etc) otherwise it will end up being straight Westwood tape rips on here for the next 3 or 4 years.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Step One & Mr Tobes present
A Queensbridge Project Volume 1

Another mix, another collaboration. This time out I linked up with Mr Tobes and we've put together a selection of some of QBs finest from the early 00s. There was a flood of material coming out of Queensbridge at the turn of the decade and it was kind of hard to keep track of at times but the fact that Alchemist and Havoc were supplying beats for the likes of Cormega, Tragedy, CNN and an impressive array of Mobb Deep affiliattes meant that the quality was usually on point. This mix goes hard thunn...

Capone N Noreaga & Mobb Deep - Queens Finest
Cormega ft Prodigy - Thun And Kicko
Infamous Mobb ft Prodigy - Gunz Up
Mike Delorean - QB interlude
Lake - Crushed Linen
Run DMC ft Nas & Prodigy - Queens Day
Cormega - The Legacy
Alchemist ft Nas & Prodigy - Tick Tock
Mobb Deep - When You Hear The
Mike Delorean - Thunn Language interlude
Tragedy Khadafi, Nature & Blaq Poet - Kings Of Queens
Nas - Let Em Hang (solo version)
Tragedy Khadafi ft Headrush - Bing Monsters
Tragedy Khadafi ft Havoc - What's Poppin
Mobb Deep ft Nas - USA (Aight Then) - unreleased version
Big Noyd ft Mobb Deep - Louder
Nature - Don't Stop
Capone N Noreaga, Cormega & Lake - We Gon Buck
Infamous Mobb ft Prodigy - We Work For This
Mobb Deep - The Illest
Cormega ft Tragedy Khadafi - They Forced My Hand
Screwball ft Cormega - Loyalty

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Radio 1 Rap Show 12.10.02
with Redman & Blak Twang

This is the full show (or most of it) that the Redman freestyle below is taken from. The first part is pretty much a club set. Late 2002 was peak chipmunk soul so there's the U Don't Know remix, 'What We Do' and the remix of Styles P 'Good Times', plus a ton of Neptunes bangers - Grindin, Full Mode, Luv U Better, and the G Unit version 'After My Chedda'. In a pre-twitter era Tim has to take it to the phone lines for listeners to debate 2Pac's 'Me & My Girlfriend' vs Jay & Bey's shitty 'Bonnie & Clyde 03' (plus a Toni Braxton song that I don't remember at all). No one's feeling it. Tim tells us that Beyonce "needs that" as "she's mad moist out there" as she's "so commercial she's corny". Tempted to link that specific audio to one of those lunatic women that fully loses their shit whenever someone suggests Beyonce might actually be a bit overrated and only has 2 memorable solo songs.
Anyway, then Redman is in the house followed by Blak Twang so that's you sorted for a couple of hours.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Redman - Quiet Storm freestyle (2002)

Reggie over the Mobb Deep beat on Westwood's show from October 2002.

Monday, 13 February 2017

Radio 1 Rap Show 09.12.01
New York Live with G Dep & Big Daddy Kane

Another New York Live show, this time with G Dep from right around the time when Special Delivery was big and his album was about to drop. He's not shy about dropping a couple of quick freestyles and discussing his favourite rappers. Then Big Daddy Kane steps up for the second part and has a chat about the old days with Marley Marl before mentioning he's got an album in the works, which going by the two singles with Premier and Alchemist would've been worth copping if it had actually come out. He drops a quick freestyle too so all in all this one is well worth your time.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Shortee Blitz & Big Ted - Kiss FM 12.05.04

Shortee Blitz and Big Ted aka The Chubby Kids took over from Max & Dave on Kiss FM's Wednesday night Rap show around 1997. Here's 90 minutes from May 2004. UK veteran MC Mell'O' in the studio for a bit, and music from Nas, MOP, Pete Rock, The UN, Klashnekoff, Cali Agents and more.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Funkmaster Flex - Radio 1 Rap Show 11.09.99

Next up, here's 90 minutes of the Rap Exchange from September '99. Mobb Deep are in the studio ahead of the Murda Muzik launch party at The Tunnel that coming Sunday. No freestyle unfortunately but Flex gets busy cutting up some bangers.

For the most part, I'm not gonna be posting download links for these shows because the links die out too quickly these days. There are programmes available that will let you convert mixcloud streams to mp3 though.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Radio 1 Rap Show 23.06.00
New York Live with Craig Mack & Half A Mil

First up out of the insane collection of Westwood tapes I recently acquired is this edition of New York Live, which was Tim's regular link up with Marley Marl. Craig Mack is in the house for the first part and then the late Half-A-Mil steps up. Both sessions include stupidly long freestyles (mostly off the dome on Half's part which serves to remind me how much I prefer someone busting pre written rhymes). In what is probably one of the more random things I've heard recently,  Larry O (of Real Live) and TJ Swan both jump on the mic with him for a bit aswell.

This is the show that Tim recently posted video footage of, which isn't something that happens too often. Hopefully he's got more to come that will match up with these full shows I have.

Been considering creating a seperate site just for all these Westwood shows but we'll see how things go.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Max LX & Dave VJ - Kiss FM Rap Show (1992)

Just over an hour of the Kiss FM rap show from May 1992. Music by Lil Shawn, ADOR, Top Quality,  and Naughty By Nature and a healthy dose of UK business like Katch 22, Cookie Crew and Caveman.

Had to do a bit of an edit on this one as 3 tracks off Black Sunday appeared half way through side 2. Left the adverts in for additional flavour - Chaka Demus & Pliers at Washington Heights in Reading anyone?

Friday, 3 February 2017

Hank Love & Half Pint on WNWK (1997)

First outing on OB4ZL for Hank Love and Half Pint's show. These guys were on air around the same time as Stretch and Bobbito but weren't quite as well known so tapes of the show are a bit harder to come by. Nes at Dirty Waters has a little bit more info on them here.
Judging by this 36 minutes clip, they very much repped for the underground. They've got someone called Automatik in the studio for an interview. I'd never heard of him but he seems to be responsible for one of those indie 12"s no one bought when it came out but now commands aan above average price online. That Warren G remix of Redman's 'Pick It Up' at the beginning is nice too.

Good to see RANDOM RAP RADIO back in effect.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Stretch & Bobbito on WKCR (29.11.90)

What do we have here then? Oh just some insanely early WKCR action from back when the show was in it's infant stages and Stretch was still going by the name of DJ Skinny Bones...

(quality isn't great for the first few minutes but settles down by the time the music starts)

Although tons of tapes from the duo 8 year run have been posted online these sessions from 1990 have proved hard to come by. Even Stretch and Bob themselves have been asking for them, so this was quite a find.  Shout out to Grime & Lime as this was buried in amongst all the Westwood tapes I was given and big up S&B guru Craig at Random Rap Radio for getting his Columbo on and pieciing together enough info to the point where we could establish a date (which wasn't on the tape but we're 99% sure is correct). There's no guests on here unfortunately but the tracklist is nuts and it's a great snapshot of the embryonic stages of something that would be go on to be iconic.

EPMD ft LL Cool J - Rampage
KMD - Peachfuzz
Freshco - Now Ya Know
Jungle Brothers - In Dayz To Come
Main Source - Lookin At The Front Door
Eric B & Rakim - Run For Cover
Gang Starr - Just To Get A Rep
Three Times Dope - No Words
talk break
Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - Wanted Dead Or Alive
NWA - 100 Miles And Runnin
Nice & Smooth - Dope Not Hype
Master Ace - Letter To The Better
talk break
Ultramagnetic MCs - Feelin It
BDP live in Japan
MC Shan - The Bridge
Grandaddy IU - Something New
Tragedy & Craig G - Live And Direct From The House Of Hits
Jazzy Jay - Cold Chillin In The Spot
Run DMC - The Ave

Co-incidentally, part of this show was also captured in the clip below , which in turn was used in the Radio That Changed Lives documentary.

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Rappers And The Lies They Tell: A Guide

From golden era legends recounting past glories to the latest Hypebeast Youtube sensations, rappers be talking shit. Here's some of the most common porkies and what they actually mean.

“I actually produced that. I gave *producer X* the records to sample and he just put it in a machine and pressed the buttons” – I'm still not entirely sure how beats are made but hella mad no one told me about publishing and royalties back in the day

"I signed a $2 million dollar deal and they gave me my own label" - I got a $500 a month allowance and a rented Toyota Yaris. They agreed I could put the logo my cousin drew on the back of the CD if it comes out.

“The album is done. I’ve got Dre and Premier on there” – the record company won’t let me put the Primo one on the album and the budget for the Dre beat means that the rest of the producers will be sourced from Scandinavian Soundcloud accounts.

“I’ve only been rapping 6 months”  - I’ve been doing this for the best part of a decade and had 6 different image changes but I’ve moved house and deleted my old youtube videos and social media accounts to make people think they’ve discovered a new artist

“I’m a hustler not a rapper”  - I got a bit lucky with that one single and I’m not sure how long I can ride this out for. Definitely not giving up the day job just yet.

“I really want to score movies” – If I can hook up a 3 minute drum loop with a piano sample surely soundtracking a 2 ½ hour film will be a doddle.

"I'm bringing back that real Hip Hop" - there is not an original thought to be found on my album.

“I was real cool with Pac/Big” – I once helped Biggie tilt a vending machine at Hot 97 when his bottle of Sprite got stuck.

“My Top 5 are Jay, Em, Pac, Nas & Biggie” - my top 5 are Aesop Rock, Tech 9,  Sage Francis, Nelly and Drake but there’s no way on earth I’ll admit to it.

“Black Thought is mad underrated” – I have never heard an album by The Roots.

“I sold 25,000 copies on the street before I was signed. Ghetto Platinum, yo!”” – there’s still 10 boxes of unsold 'Realest In Tha Gayme Volume 1' in my Dad’s garage

“I don’t listen to Rap, I’m really into rock music like Coldplay and Fallout Boy” – possibly not a lie but still ridiculous

This post was bought to you by an insanely quiet day at work

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Tim Westwood - Radio 1 Rap Show (12.10.96)

Some Westwood from October 96. Nothing too remarkable on here although he does play the full length version of Nature Of The Threat (all 7+ minutes of it) which is wildly unusual and something that almost definitely wouldn't happen - or be allowed - on BBC radio now. The person that recorded it was going in with the pause button so most of the chat has been cut out but there's music by OGC, Keith Murray, Meaner, Jay Z, Jeru and D'Angelo. There's also 'Pay The Price' by Mr Pink which is actually Kamanchi Sly from Hijack doing his best Brad Jordan impression. It was a short lived alias which was documented by an article in HHC where they followed him round Soho chatting to hookers (or something like that). He then ditched that persona to become the Unknown MC. I'll leave it to you to decide whether that was a good thing or not*

I've recently been hooked up with an insanely large amount of tapes (300+), most of which are Westwood from 97-2003, plus some other bits and pieces. Massive big up to Grime & Lime for that. It's going to take a while to work through them all but judging by what's written on some of the inlay cards it will be worthwhile.

*It was not. There's a lot of UK Garage I like but that song is terrible.

Friday, 20 January 2017

Don't Sleep #13
Lil Cease ft Busta Rhymes, G Dep & Mr Bristal 'More Dangerous' (1999)

You have to wonder how Lil Cease must’ve felt when he pitched up to the annual Weed Carrier Convention in 1999. He’s on a table with Memphis Bleek, Streetlife and Cuban Link. All of them were granted some time to shine on their respective bosses albums. Cease had never got on Life After Death, despite doing a sterling job of holding BIG's weed and making sure there was plenty of paprika Pringles on the tour bus. All Bleek had to do was memorise a verse and he not only got on Reasonable Doubt but ended up doing the fucking intro to Volume 2 over one of Premier’s best beats. Life was not fair. Still, now that he’d finally had the green light for his own album everything would be lovely. The budget was huge because it was nearly impossible for a rap album not to go gold, and he’d got a bunch of beats that Mase had turned down, which not only saved him a bit of money but also dispensed with the issue of finding his own sound. Redman, Jay Z and Puffy had all recorded verses for it so all he needed was a dope cover and he was good to go.

As it turned out, the hilariously bad cover was not the only problem with Cease’s album but it probably didn’t help matters. I purchased it recently - not for any significant amount of money obviously – on the strength of the fact that I really liked ‘More Dangerous’ and thought that maybe there’d be a few other similar tracks on there worth having. There was not.
Cease isn’t a great rapper. Not that that’s ever got in the way of success but he obviously saw Mase’s success as his blueprint and plays up the ladies man angle while throwing in a few tougher tunes for the fellas. The thing was we already had Mase. As a result, the highlights on the album tend to be the guest spots. Future Sport would’ve made a great solo track for Redman. 4 My Niggaz is worth a listen just for the sake of hearing a Jay Z verse from the late 90s that hasn’t been played to death. That’s pretty much it. The rest of the songs probably wouldn’t bother you too much on their own in the context of say, a DJ Clue tape, but digesting the whole thing in one go is a big ask.

As a result it definitely qualifies for a ‘weak albums with 1 or 2 good songs’ list. Nashiem Myrick’s piano led beat for More Dangerous wouldn’t have sounded out of place on The War Report and as it sounds different to pretty much everything else on ‘The Wonderful World..’ it seems strange that it’s the opening track. Busta Rhymes is restricted to chorus duties, reciting a line from Biggie’s ‘Warning’ and Mr Bristal and G Dep put in a decent shift with the verses. So Dont' Sleep.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Lord Finesse at The New Over (2017)

Straight party set from the brother with a fade, half moon and long sideburns. Lord Finesse rocks the Do-Over in LA on New Years Day.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Camp Lo - Coolie High (Sugarhill blend)

Quick ting here. As you might be aware, Camp Lo recently released an album's worth of 95/96 material in the form of On The Way Uptown. As I'm currently sitting on a few blends I'd made I thought I'd let this one go (there was going to be a whole mix of blends but I ended up doing the Real Live project instead). The acapella of the Paradise mix of  'Coolie High' over AZ's 'Sugarhill' instrumental. A Camp Lo - AZ collaboration over some Ski or Harry Fraud '88 Coupes' type production would be immense.

Other things that might be relevant to your interests:

Lord Finesse mixing golden era classics on The Underground Railroad show on WBAI (2006)

100% Ruff Ryders Special on Radar Radio

The Oral History of 'Bling Bling'

Monday, 9 January 2017

"fool I got them bomb ass tapes..."

RIP Crazy Toones. Ice Cube and WC's tour DJ and general West Coast OG. Thought I'd throw this one up in his memory as I still play it from time to time and I think it probably went under alot of people's radar...

Sunday, 8 January 2017

TDK presents Westwood #TBT Freestyles Mixtape (2017)

As you might be aware, Westwood has been posting freestyles from his old shows on Youtube and Soundcloud. Some of them have already appeared on this blog before but obviously he's got them straight from DAT so the quality is significantly better than my rips. TDK has taken it upon himself to collate a load of them together into an hour long mix. Go here and check it out.

Shame Tim has been binning the DATs of any shows that weren't labelled with a guest's name. All the more reason to salvage what's not already online though, so get in the shed/loft/spare room, find the shoebox you haven't touched since '99 and send me the tapes/files so I can get them out there!

Related - Radio Days: 10 Classic On-Air Freestyles with Tim Westwood