Saturday, 3 October 2015

Marley Marl - In Control with Ultramagnetic MCs & 3rd Bass (1989)

Aaaaand, we're back! Everything is unpacked and plugged in at the new place so normal service can now be resumed. I haven't actually had time to rip anything but I found this on the hard drive and thought I'd give it a new lease of life. Marley Marl's show on the weekend of the New Music Seminar back in July 1989. 3rd Bass and Ultramagnetic in the studio. Off you go...

This must've been one of the first tape rips of its kind online, or at least one of the first I downloaded back in the dial-up days. The file info tells me its courtesy of the homie A to the L so shout out to him.

Friday, 4 September 2015

DJ Riz on Hot 97 (2015)

Hot 97 took a break from being terrible to let DJ Riz get busy for an hour last week. The man is a beast. He has the acapella for I Got Cha Opin for starters. Nice to hear a mix with the Hot 97 drops after all this time too. "The beat was s'posed to drop right there..."

Download at Riz's Facebook page

The more astute of you might notice that parts of this (specifically the opening section) are pretty much identical to the live club set of his I posted back in 2010. Still dope regardless.

DJ 7L & Frank The Butcher present 'Its The Roc' original samples mix (2015)

DJ 7L & Frank The Butcher follow their dope mix of Bad Boy's original samples with this Rocafella themed set. So soulful mane...


Saturday, 22 August 2015

French Montana ft Jadakiss & Method Man '88 Coupes' (OB4ZL fix up)

Having fully enjoyed French & Jada's '88 Coupes' and been pleasantly surprised by how good Method Man's recent freestyle over the Harry Fraud beat was, I thought I'd edit them together into one track...

Haven't checked Meth's new album yet. Hoping it has 2-3 decent songs worth copping as I like listening to him rap but he doesn't exactly have a great track record with his solo material. If he got someone like Harry Fraud or Alchemist (or even Black Milk) to do a few beats great things might happen.

Just had a thought that I should've obvz called this '89 Coupes' or something but I can't be bothered to re-up it.

Friday, 14 August 2015

I'll be back but for now just google...

Its a BDP reference. No posts recently due the house move now being in full effect. 20 years ago, almost to the week, I bought my first set of turntables - some Gemini belt drives. Today is the first time since then I haven't had them or my vinyl (or any CDs for that matter) in the house. Having lots of records is all well and good until it comes time to move, and then it's just a total bastard. Especially when you live on the 3rd floor with 5 flights of stairs and no lift. It's hard not to feel envious of the people who have all their music on a harddrive, or the types that just use iTunes and Spotify and occasionally buy a compilation from the supermarket.

Anyway, rant over. I feel like I may have posted something similar before but the point remains relevant. This is going to be one of those placeholder type posts where I put you up on them thangs I've discovered on my online travels. No one really sends me their mixes to post anymore. Feel free to do that if you've got something you want to share. Some decent artwork and being able to actually mix helps btw, although I'm fully aware I never have art for my own mixes. So...

Random Rap Radio continues to be a source of things you never heard before (for..for..never heard before...) like this Pete Rock & Marley Marl Future Flavas mixtape sampler for MCA Records from 1999

Remember The Supafriendz? They were Mad Skillz' crew back in the day. Bad Cop just put together this 'best of' mix featuring posse cuts, solo joints and radio freestyles. Check Supafriendz - Da Supa Mixtape

DJ Semtex shared a couple of old Bootcamp Click freestyles following the sad news about Sean Price (RIP).

DJ MK dropped his 'Watever Mixtape Vol 1' last week.

I recommend checking Big Ted's weekly show on Mi-Soul for new and classic Hip Hop.

Mark 563 has posted his dope 'Whats Real' mixtape from 2005 on Mixcloud, featuring all sorts of mid 90s classics.

If you want something to read while you're listening to these, the homie Stan Ipcus recently hooked up another one of his excellent Mixtape Memories pieces, this time interviewing Craig G.

That should keep you going for now. Have fun and enjoy whats left of the summer.

Edit - just realised that 4 of the 6 people linked above used to work in record shops in London. Weird. Shout out to Mr Bongo, Liberty Grooves, Handspun/Deal Real and HMV Oxford Street!

One other thing. I really wanted to like Compton and aside from the presence of Kendrick Lamar and Eminem the tracklist showed some promise. I can't remember the last time I was that pleased to receive a new release in my inbox, but on hearing it I thought the majority of it was rubbish with one or two songs being tolerable at best. The first track after the intro is particularly terrible. Comments I've read online - and there are many - suggest I'm very much in the minority but then as a general rule, comments online suggest most people are stupid. So there. There's a new Warren G EP out with previously unheard Nate Dogg vocals. I suggest you seek that out instead,

Friday, 31 July 2015

Terror Squad - Hot 97 freestyle (1997)

Big Pun, Cuban Link and Triple Seis going in over the Triumph instrumental on Stretch & Bob's Hot 97 show back in 1997...