Wednesday, 21 June 2017

DJ Premier on the Radio 1 Rap Show (1998)

90 minutes of Primo in the mix on Radio 1. No talking just tunes and a lot of his own productions as he was on something of a roll at the time - Jay Z, MOP, Rakim, All City, Heather B and Krumbsnatcha all feature. Thanks to Tobes for providing the tape of this one.

Sad news about Prodigy - couldn't believe he was only 42 either. Obviously I've posted quite a few Mobb related things recently and I've recently been in the process of putting together a comp of his freestyles which I'll post up soon (just need a couple more to finish it off).

Friday, 16 June 2017

Funkmaster Flex on Hot 97 (1994)

Big up Tobes for coming through with another batch of tapes, first up is this one with Flex in the mix back in August '94 dropping some early 90s tunes before running through a load of party breaks. There's also a St Ides commercial by Snoop & Nate Dogg and Ice Cube hawking Crooked I iced tea ("all the Gs drink it")

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Pharoahe Monch on the Radio 1 Rap Show (2003)

Pharoahe Monch on Westwood from June 2003. It's something of a shame that Monch had a 7 year gap between Internal Affairs in '99 and Desire in 2007 as he'd have probably conjured up something worthwhile before going all Andre 3000 on us. There was a track or two that leaked around 2004/05 which may have been recorded for a project on Shady/Aftermath but there was never any danger of that coming out as long as Jimmy Iovine was milking Eminem, 50 and G Unit dry.

I may have mentioned it before, but the selection on these 00s Westwood shows is alot more mainstream than years before, particularly on the Saturday nights (Friday was a later slot and tended to be focused on the more underground tunes). This is has much to do with Hip Hop and R&B becoming more mainstream in the UK in general around that time with Timbaland, Neptunes, Dre etc all selling big numbers and "urban" music knocking House and Garage off the Top 40 perch it had perenially occupied in it's various forms throughout the 90s. Thought it was worth remembering that Tim had always played R&B and Ragga in his shows, it's just that you probably liked it more in 1994.

Couple of other shows I've uploaded recently:

11th June 1999 with QNC in the studio

26th October 2001 - phone interview with Grand Puba (was gutted he wasn't actually in the studio as I was hoping for a freestyle)

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Mobb Deep - If These Walls Could Talk (2002)

It's hot and sunny outside but let's ignore that completely and go for some moody Queensbridge raps with this unreleased Mobb Deep joint that was on the flipside of the NORE track I posted recently.
Depending on which bootleg or mixtape you have this is also known as 'Snitch' or 'Snitched On' and samples Beethoven's Fur Elise; obviously I didn't know that until it appeared on the Google search but it's one of those classical pieces everyone recognises. Grimey.

Other things worthy of your attention:

Good Kool G Rap interview for Rolling Stone

Digital Underground's demo tape

15 Classic Big L freestyles

Jimmy Green's Roy Ayers mixtape

Monday, 29 May 2017

Shortee Blitz & Big Ted on Kiss FM (23.06.04)

47 minutes of The Chubby Kids throwing down some heat on Kiss FM back in 2004, including new isht from MOP, Jadakiss, Nas, Beatnuts, Lakey The Kid, Yungun and Klashnekoff.

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Radio 1 Rap Show 13.05.00
with Doug E Fresh, Rahzel & Chuck D

The first thing to say about this show is there's a ton a of legit bangers. Big Pimpin, Whoa, Bling Bling, Quiet Storm (with P re-doing it dubplate special style for Tim) and about half of Dre's 2001 album. 99-2000 was a good time for rap songs that worked in the club without being corny. There's also a few backstage interviews with some wrestlers at a WWE event in the UK. Couldn't tell you much about that as I'd stopped watching it by then.

Part 2 (below) is a  repeat of a show from July 1999 with Doug E Fresh, Rahzel and Chuck D in the studio...

Monday, 15 May 2017

Noreaga - Colors (2002)

Noreaga putting his 2002 twist on the Ice T classic is as gully as you'd expect. It's a mixtape only track that as far I can tell went under most people's radar unless you had a copy of this DJ Envy tape, and even then you were only getting a snippet. Fortunately it made on to the streets in it's full glory on this white label (alongside an unreleased Mobb Deep song). Strange it never got a bit more attention but there you go. It really sounds like it needs some trademark Kay Slay drops but you can't have everything.

It's a shame that for the most part rappers and DJs were fairly unimaginative when pulling out beats for their freestyles back then. The majority tended to reach for the hot track of the moment or tried and tested classics like Who Shot Ya or Shook Ones pt II. The Colors beat would've been a great pick, as would Juice Crew Dis or  Black Superman. Perhaps the famed East Coast Bias was very much in effect until the mid 00s.

NB: Audiomack have changed their embedding thingy so not only is there only one option for sizes - fucking massive - but it's also messed up the way the older ones appear on the site. You're probably best just clicking onto my audiomack page and DLing off there if you have any problems