Saturday, 13 December 2014

DJ Three - Underground Flow 2 (1996)

When you think of the indie rap era, it typically brings to mind that period in the late 90s when labels like Rawkus, Guesswhyld and Game and a certain type of sound came to prominence. Independent labels had obviously existed prior to that though, but it was on an even more low key and underground basis, without the additional exposure that comes with something being officially considered part of a new sub-genre or "scene". Limited pressings (as opposed to the five figure numbers Rawkus were probably shifting) and usually in plain black sleeves with limited info - no glossy sleeves and picture covers. It was rare to even know what the artists looked like and for some of them it might have been the only mark they made in the rap world. There was a whole bunch of great, if slightly obscure, 12"s in the mid 90s and a bunch of them are included on this DJ Three tape....



Sunday, 7 December 2014

Don't Sleep #5:
Boss 'Progress Of Elimination' remix (1993)

So far in this series, I've posted songs by artists from Chicago, New York, LA and Miami. This time out I'm going with something from Detroit, and its by a WOMAN. Turns out some of them can rap. They'll be wanting to vote next. Anyway, like most people, I was a fan of Boss's single 'Deeper' which got some heavy rotation on Yo! MTV Raps and rap radio shows back in 93. Unlike most people (I think?) I bought her album 'Born Gangstaz', which featured production by Erick Sermon, T Ray, Chyskillz and Def Jef. The Barry White/Aswad sampling 'Deeper' was the standout track but the remix of the follow up single 'Progress Of Elimination' has always been a personal favourite...

As with some of the best female rappers, Boss had someone write her raps for her. In this instance, the aforementioned Def Jef and someone called Ricardo Royal are on biro duties, with bars that bring to mind 90s Kool G Rap and I actually thought he might've been behind this one until I checked Discogs. Boss' delivery of the street narrative is suitably on point and there's a nice late night G Funk vibe underpinning the track (not that dissimilar to the beat Jef provided for Shaq around the same time). Despite leaving us with a fairly small discography, it's probably fair to say that Boss laid the foundations for Mel B, Alesha Dixon, Rick Ross and other rappers with boobs.

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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Thee Mike B - That Bout To Rain Rap Mix (2014)

I've been a bit slack keeping up with new rap this year so It's going to be a case of keeping an eye on certain people's end of year lists and cherry picking a few goodies. Fortunately the ever reliable Mike B just dropped this new mix so thought I'd link it up...


Friday, 28 November 2014

Bobby J - Radio 1 Rap Show (1995)

Bobby J of The Flip Squad in the mix for 60 minutes on Westwood's show back in February '95. Technically, he's not always the most on-point on the 1s & 2s but the selection is decent. This was the first tape I had 'This Is How We Do It' on which meant it was quite in demand with the ladies in the 6th Form common room, back when you had to wait for things to be in shops before you could own them. Along with Montell, you get Biggie, Capleton, Lost Boyz, DaBrat, Mary J and more, plus a few party breaks chucked in.

If anyone can ID the track between Lost Boyz and Who Shot Ya then let me know. I think it might be Natural Elements or something related to them but that's just a guess.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

DJ Clyde - Old Skool (1996)

 90 minute TDK biz featuring DJ Clyde out of Paris mixing up some 80s Hip Hop classics. Side A covers the Sugarhill era and stuff like Spoonie Gee, Fat Boys, Treacherous 3 and Kurtis Blow while side B moves it on with some LL, Original Concept, Just Ice and Run DMC...


I copped this from MK at Handspun Records in Soho back in the day and speaking of MK, he's just dropped some new music with DJ Go and Piff Gang's Super Dirtie & Phaze What

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Mister Tobes & DJ Dub present Heatwavez (2014)

80s R&B kingpin MR TOBES (Sparkle Motion) recruits electronic music mastermind DJ Dub (Invader FM) for an hour's worth of top choice female Freestyle and Electro grooves from the mid to late 1980s...
Featured tracks include the Bernard Edwards produced magic of 'Don't You Want Me (Remix)' by Jody Watley, the Kurtis Mantronik Trap-blueprint-brilliance of Nocera's infectious 'Summertime, Summertime', the Armand Van Helden sampled smash 'Do You Want It Right Now' by Siedah Garrett and the timeless pop classics 'Crush On You' and 'Tell It To My Heart' by The Jets and Taylor Dayne, respectively.
Perfect for the beach, gym or your next B-Boy/B-Girl showdown. Download and enjoy the sizzle...
Shannon - Stronger Together
Sweet Sensation - Hooked On You
Wish f/Fonda Rae - Touch Me (All Night Long)
Jody Watley - Don't You Want Me (Remix)
Taylor Dayne - Tell It To My Heart
Carmen - Time To Move
Brenda K. Starr - What You See Is What You Get
Nu Shooz - Don't Let Me Be The One
Jets - Crush On You
Pretty Poison - Catch Me I'm Falling
Siedah Garrett - Do You Want It Right Now
Eileen Flores - Touch Me With Your Heart
The Jets - Cross My Broken Heart (Extended Version)
Xena - On The Upside
Pyjama Party - Yo No Sé
Exposé - Point Of No Return
Vikki Love With Nuance - Just Love You
Exposé - Come Go With Me (Extended Mix)
Rochelle - Magic Man
Angela - All Hung Up
Nocera - Summertime

Thursday, 20 November 2014

DJ Premier - WBLS Thunderstorm (1994)

Primo in the mix on NY radio back in '94.

Not one of my own rips but something I picked up from a blog many moons ago so thought I'd throw it on the Mixcloud page, which is still on and poppin with mixes from the OBFZL archives being uploaded every day.