Saturday, 5 August 2017

Radio 1 Rap Show 26.03.99
with Eminem, Proof & DJ Greenpeace

This is the show with Eminem and Proof rhyming over Hate Me Now and Redman's Pick It Up, with recordings of Em's crank calls in between. This is around the time The Slim Shady LP dropped so he wasn't a full on superstar at this point. I had the full 3 hour show originally and posted the freestyle session back when I first started this blog back in 2009, and again in the piece I did for Nah Right in 2014. I don't have those tapes anymore but this one - just the second half of the show - was in the collection Grime & Lime hooked me up with so thought I'd throw it on here, particularly as it also has DJ Greenpeace in the mix for the last half hour.

A few other shows have surfaced on line in the last week too...

16th September 1995 with DJ MK (courtesy of the man himself)

plus Max B has been busy throwing up some treats recently so make sure you keep an eye on his page.

Radio 1 Rap Show 1997 with DJ Kid Swift

Radio 1 Rap Exchange 1996 with A Tribe Called Quest

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  1. Hi, so you don't have the full version of this show anymore? I'd really love to find it. I also had it on tape back in 1999 but I lost it.