Saturday, 11 April 2009

Chuck Chillout live on WBLS New York (1989)

The legendary Chuck Chillout mixing live on WBLS in New York back in 1989.


I've got a few more NYC radio shows from the 80s coming soon.
Thanks to Mr Greedy for the hook up.

As you probably know, Hip Hop Connection has relaunched as an online magazine, the first edition of which drops April 15th. I've been a reader since the first issue came out 20 years ago, so big up the staff for keeping it going so long.
Issue 001 includes: DOOM, Ghost, Dante Ross, Delegates Of Culture, Wordsmith, Mr Lif and Toddla T, plus all the usual album reviews, columns, and irreverent shenanigans.

Get it here


  1. Good shit! I love old radio shows. But yo, I bet you tagged your Blogsite all overt the properties of the file, huh??? (shaking head) Come on man, is it really supposed to be about that??? Upload it cuz you wanna shere it, not cuz you wanna promote.

  2. I put the website name on the file so that people that download from other sites that post can come here and get more of the same!
    Put simply, I promote the name of the blog so that when I next share something (and Im doing it daily at the moment) more people will check for it.
    It takes alot of time and effort to rip and edit these tapes so as the more people that download them the better!
    Check back soon - I've got some Red Alert, Marley Marl, Jazzy Jay and Clark kent on the way.

  3. Step One, Muc Respect!!!! Nice drop & definately glad you shared it with me!