Thursday, 14 November 2013

Pete Rock - In Control on WBLS (1989)

One out the pile Tobes gave me nearly a year ago that had slipped through the net. 90 minutes of the Chocolate Boy Wonder on the legendary In Control show from 1990. Music by BDP, Stezo, Main Source, EPMD and Chubb Rock amongst others


There's no talking on this so the In Control jingles and one 'Pete Rock' drop towards the end are the only hints as to who is on the tables (the tape was actually labelled as a Red Alert mix from 1990). Anyway, enjoy!

edit: Just realised I've labelled the files as 1990 rather than 1989. You'll have to change it yourself.


  1. thanks! any chance of a link to - going to be uploading some UK stuff on there soon! :):)