Monday, 27 February 2017

Radio 1 Rap Show 25.03.00
New York Live with DJ Premier & Sauce Money

Another New York Live show broadcast from Marley Marl's crib with Cipha Sounds holding down turntable duties. DJ Premier and Sauce Money (someone I've been listening to a lot recently) are in the studio on part two.

I actually posted some of this show back in 2009 but my recording stopped just as Premier appears, so it's nice to have the whole show.

The Westwood Archives mixcloud page is up and running so make sure you keep an eye on that as I might throw a few shows on there that don't make it to the blog. Figure it might be best to just drop the more notable shows and highlights (freestyles, mixes etc) otherwise it will end up being straight Westwood tape rips on here for the next 3 or 4 years.


  1. Was that the New York Live where they played the Black Rob jackin' for beats joint over Warm It Up Kane etc + the Marley remix of Biggie's Deadly Combination verse?

  2. Yeah the Rob track is at the start of part 2. Can't say for definite if the Biggie remix is on there as I was in and out of the room while I was recording it. Good show though.

  3. This was the first time I ever heard that Rob joint. Used to rewind that like crazy.

    1. So good. I did another round of looking into that Take It Off track but no one knows it.