Friday 2 September 2016

DJ Step One - The Best Of Ice T

One day late but here's the First Of The Month mix for September and it's a good one (if I do say so myself). Ice T is one of my favourite rappers and as most DJs that post mixes online seem to be content with dropping the 39,873rd 'Best Of Premier/Pete Rock/Dilla' mix I'd thought it was about time someone paid tribute to rap's
original OG. Here's 1hr 10 mins of tracks covering Ice's peak period from 1986's '6 In The Morning' to the Home Invasion LP in 1993. There's a few blends, freestyles and live tracks in there too. Fortunately you can just stream/DL it so there's no danger of shooting anyone in an argument over the cassette...

Home Of The Bodybag
I Ain’t New Ta This
You Played Yourself
Mind Over Matter
Addicted To Danger (Beatnuts remix)
C4 News interview
6 In The Morning
Combat Jack Show acapella
Colors (YGB blend)
Ziplock / Ricochet (live in NY 1992)
High Rollers
I’m Your Pusher (AMW blend)
Last Wordz (w/ Ice Cube)
New Jack Hustler
Radio Suckers
Capital Rap Show freestyle 1989
That’s How I’m Living
Original Gangster
This One’s For Me
My Word Is Bond (w/ Donald D)
Evil E What About Sex?
99 Problems (w/ Brother Marquis)
Bitches 2
Peel Their Caps Back
Soul On Ice
Ain’t A Damn Thing Changed

A few things about this mix then:
 - There are some omissions. Due to time restraints and things not "fitting" I had to leave out Lethal Weapon, Somebody Gotta Do It, Fly By, Girls LGBNAF and several other classics from the man's catalogue. I enjoy pretty much everything on Power, Iceberg and OG so there always had to be some things that didn't make the cut.
 - Although I've never been a massive fan, I've become slightly more appreciative of Home Invasion after doing this mix. At the time it seemed like it should've been a lot better - particularly on the production side - but Ice's voice seems a bit off at times and he does a lot of  tracks in a whispery flow/lower register. It's a solid enough set though.
 - Although it's rarely mentioned, Ice is one of the genre's best storytellers. Up there with Slick Rick and better than Kool G Rap imo.
 - The acapella taken from his Combat Jack Show interview is fantastic, as is the interview itself.
 - Donald D's verse on My Word Is Bond >>>
 - Think I'm going to check his later albums from Return Of The Real onwards - there has to be a few gems on those, although the less said about this cover the better.


  1. nice compilation man! I agree, Ice T is one of the best story tellers ever to rip mics! Thx for everything

  2. DoPe, thanks for sharing homie! I just recently started getting back into Ice`s tunes so this is definitely appreciated. I`d have to say that his "Power" album is my fav` of his, probably due to the fact that I had cassette & played the fuck out of it from front to back, the cover art didn`t hurt either....LoL, one of the later joints of his that I really dig is "I Must Stand", good tune indeed. Keep doin` ya` thing man...