Tuesday 28 April 2015

DJ Rectangle - Deadly Needles (1997)

Definitely one of my favourite mixtapes of all time. I first heard this when Westwood played a side of the tape over 2 weeks on his show. I recorded it, played it to death and bought pretty much all the tracks used on here. Some of them aren't even particularly great out of the context of this mix, but everything fits together really well and Rectangle's technique of using snatches of various acapellas and instrumentals in between songs means that energy of the mix never dips. After  living with the cassette copy, and then a downloaded version (with a minor glitch whenever the track changed, which is often) I copped it on CD a few years ago and decided against uploading it. Until now...

Rectangle's tapes had a lot of West Coast joints that I wouldn't usually be exposed to as NY DJs tended to favour mostly East Coast artists and that was mirrored in the selections on offer in the UK's record shops. This is the tape that put me on to Suga Free's 'If You Stay Ready', 'Talkin Bout Bank' by The Whoridas and 'Hit The Floor' by MC Eiht & Daz. I assure you, it's fucking great.

If you like this I recently re-upped 1995's 'Ill Rated' mixtape


  1. sadly somethings wrong with it - get this small pauses which come all 10-15 sek... :(

  2. yeah, had a few tech issues and didnt realise til yesterday.
    I've just re-ripped it and re-upped it

  3. beautiful - thank u very much!