Tuesday, 3 February 2015

J Grand 'Necessary Nutrients' (1999)

J Grand from '99. This includes the original unreleased/bootlegged version of 'Quiet Storm' and what I think is a demo version of 'Watch Out Now' at the end of side 1 (not side 2 like it says on the cover)...

Had to go into repair mode on this one after the tape snapped at the end of the first side. Shouts to anyone who remembers this scenario:


  1. Very frustrating if you're not gentle. Thanks for the tape

  2. I had the tweezers out in the end. It was like playing Operation.

  3. Ah man I sooooooo remember having to break out the cassette tape repair kit numerous times.....LoL, brings back some mem`ries for sure! Unfortunately I lost a few tapes before I got my repair skills up. Thanks for sharing this tape homie, much appreciated!!!