Sunday 18 January 2015

DJ Emynd & Eastside Stevie - Boom Bap Trap Shit (2011)

I've got a couple of big tapes ready to be posted but there was a change to our scheduled post after hearing the sad news about the death of A$AP Yams earlier today. I traded a few tracks with him in the pre-A$AP days when he was killing it on his Tumblr page and he'd shown this blog some love on social media over the last few years so I thought I'd pay homage and re-up this mix he did alongside DJ Emynd under his original alias of Eastside Stevie. This got a fair bit of attention when it dropped as it takes classic acapellas by your more "traditional" rappers (CNN, Mobb Deep, Camp Lo etc) and throws them over some dirty south instrumentals. Not for everyone (purists should approach with caution!) but definitely an interesting concept and it works really well for the most part.


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  1. Awesome post. Never heard this mix before. It has been on repeat for 2 weeks now.