Friday, 26 February 2010

Bobby Konders - Capital Rap Show mix (1992)

Massive B head honcho and reggae don Bobby Konders in the mix on Tim Westwood's Capital Rap Show. Strictly early 90s ragga on this 30 minute set.


Big ups to Mr Lawson for hooking me up with the original tape.

Massive B website

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Sound Awareness presents 'Get Up On It'

Wicked 80s mix, spotted at the Daily Diggers site


BUSY BOYS That's The Flavor
KAY D & DJ STASH My Rhythm Is Kept
ANTOINETTE A Is For Antoinette
STEADY B Turn It Loose
THE AMAZING JEWEL T School Of Hardknocks
KING SUN Cold New Yorkin'
DOUBLE XX POSSE This Is Something Funky To Step To
THE JAZ Hypocritters
RAW CORP ft DJ LEN Trooper On The Mike
DR LUV & KEV-SKI Ain't Going Out Like That
PRIORITY ONE You Know The Outcome
DJ SCOTT LA ROCK & D NICE D Nice Rocks The House

More info here

Monday, 22 February 2010

Shortee Blitz & DJ MK - J Dilla tribute mix (2010)


A Tribe Called Quest – Get A Hold – Jive
Jay Dilla – Make ‘Em N V – Grooveattack
Stylistics – Maybe Its Love This Time
Jay Dilla Ft Guilty Simpson & Madib – Baby – Bbe
Eddie Hazel – Frantic Moment
Jay Dee – Track 23 – Beat Tape
The Pharclyde – The Drop (Instrumental) – Delicious Vinyl
Phat Kat – Don’t Nobody Care About Us – House Shoes Recording
J Dilla – Fuck The Police – Up Above
Gary Numan – Cars
J Dilla – Trucks – Mca
J Dilla – Two Can Win – Stones Throw
Jay Dee – The $

Cris Williamson – Shine On Straight Arrow – Wolf Moon
Jaylib – The Red – Stones Throw
Raekwon – Baggage Handlers – Universal
Billy Paul – Let The Dollar Circulate – Assorted Music
Steve Spacek – Dollar – Sound In Color
Jaylib – Da Rawkus – Sound In Color
Jaylib – The Official – Stones Throw
Gap Mangione – Diana In The Autum Wind
Slum Village – Fall In Love
Busta Rhymes – So Hardcore – Elektra
The Jackson 5 – Dancing Machine – Epic
Q-Tip – Move – Universal
The Singers Unlimited – Clair
Slum Village – Players – Good Vibes

Herbie Hancock – Come Running To Me
Slum Village – Get Dis Money
A Tribe Called Quest – Jam – Jive
A Tribe Called Quest – Wordplay – Jive
A Tribe Called Quest – Stepping It Up – Jive
A Tribe Called Quest – Find A Way – Jive
Common – Cold Blooded – Universal
Q-Tip – Vivrant Thing – Arista
J Dilla – Light Works – Stones Throw
Jay Dee Ft Pharoach Monch – Love – bbe
Thomas Bangalter – Extra Dry
Slum Village – Raise It Up

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Ian Charlton 'Attention Deficit Disorder' (2010)

This is a collection of remixes by Ian Charlton out of Colorado. You may already be familiar with his remix projects for Jay Z's 'American Gangster' and 'Black Album'. Here, he's used his own beats to rework tracks by the likes of Camp Lo, Mobb Deep, Nas and Outkast...


Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Jazzy Jeff, Common & The Roots live in Philly (1998)

A rare live freestyle session, courtesy of Cosmo Baker

"I came across this mix today. It's a live recording from me and Rich Medina's old party The Remedy back from 1998. This snippet is recorded live from the club with DJ Jazzy Jeff on the wheels with Black Thought, Common, Rehani and more spitting freestyles over "Love Rap" and "Mardi Gras." It's kind of the hottest schitt you never heard before (this is the first time it's ever being put out there.) But yeah, this is how we used to get down." - Cosmo Baker


Monday, 15 February 2010

Soul Focus vs Uptown 'Dope On Plastic' remix (2009)

Someone with more free time than me uploaded one of our tracks to youtube...


Sunday, 14 February 2010

DJ S&S and Craig G 'Niggas Dont Give A Fuck' (1996)

I played this one to death back in the day. Alot of the tracks on here were exclusive to this tape and I ended up buying most of them when they dropped.


Had a couple of requests for this one. It's been posted online before but doesnt look like there's a live link for it at the moment.

DJ Mystery - Old Skool Hip Hop mix

Mystery's mixes are usually centred more on House or various forms of dance music but he can pretty much turn his hand to anything. Inspired by the London pirate stations he heard growing up, this is a well mixed selection of some his favourite 80s Hip Hop. Check it...


01 Eric B & Rakim 'Paid In Full' (Coldcut remix)
02 NWA 'Express Yourself'
03 Poor Righteous Teachers 'Time To Say Peace'
04 Public Enemy 'Dont Believe The Hype'
05 Antoinette 'A Is For...'
06 Slick Rick 'Childrens Story'
07 Big Daddy Kane 'Smooth Operator'
08 LL Cool J 'Rock The Bells'
09 Derek B 'Bad Young Brother'
10 De La Soul 'Buddy'
11 EPMD 'So Whatcha Sayin'
12 Spyder D 'I Cant Wait'
13 Sweet Tee 'Its Like That Yall'
14 BDP 'Jack Of Spades'
15 Lakim Shabazz 'Pure Righteousness'
16 2 Kool Posse 'Give Em A Sample'
17 3rd Bass 'Wordz Of Wizdom'
18 Whistle 'Just Buggin'
19 Cash Money & Marvellous 'Mighty Hard Rocker'
20 3D 'Once More'
21 Eric B & Rakim 'I Know You Got Soul' (Double Trouble remix)

Friday, 12 February 2010

Funkmaster Flex - 'The RZA Hits' megamix (1999)

6 minutes of Flex cutting up a load of the Wu's early material. Taken from this promo 12".


Thursday, 11 February 2010

Roc Raida & DJ The Boy 'Tales From The Flip pt 2' (1997)

Nice mix of indie/underground bangers from 1997 on this mix by Roc Raida (RIP) and DJ The Boy.

Pretty sure this has been on the net before but as its one of the tapes I borrowed from DJ MK's collection, I thought I may aswell rip it and hook up a fresh link.

01. Send the Word
02. Train'n With Roc Raida & The Boy
03. X-Ecutioners - Raida's Theme
04. Company Flow - Vital Nerve
05. Mos Def - Universal Magnetic
06. East Flatbush Project - Tried By 12
07. Rasco - The Unassisted
08. Gang Starr - You Know my Steez
09. Rakim - It's Been a Long Time
10. Busta Rhymes - Rhymes Galore
11. Brick City Kids - Brick City Kids
12. Solo Transfer
13. Rob Swift's Words Of Wisdom
14. Cru - Armageddon
15. Company Flow - 8 Steps To Perfection
16. Dilated Peoples - 3rd Degree
17. Kool Keith - Get Off My Elevator
18. Ultra - The Industry Is Wack
19. Flow - B-Boy Zulu Gremlin
20. Mike Zoot - Service
21. Rugged Brood - Lookout
22. X-Ecutioners - Countdown

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Chubby Kids on Kiss FM with Jehst, Supa T, DJ MK, Kyza, Blufoot, Mystro & Beni B (2002)

Whole heap of people in the studio on this one and some dope tunes aswell!
Jehst, Kyza & Supa T (aka Sundragon) are up there promoting 'Its All Live', their collaboration with DJ MK & Harry Love, which went on to be a massive track that year.
Mystro & Blufoot are also in the house and there's a nice freestyle session to finish things off (my tape cuts out a bit early unfortunately).

Also on the show, Beni B of ABB Records passes through and Blitz and Big Ted drop new tracks by Kool G Rap, Dilated Peoples, Tony Touch and Wu Tang.

WC, Mack 10 & Ice Cube 'West Up!' (Soul Focus re-fix)

Here's a nice blend cooked up by DJ Mystery (one half of Soul Focus). He's taken the beat from Ice Cube's 'You Know How We Do It' and stuck the acapella of the WC/Cube/Mack 10 collabo 'West Up' over the top. Simple but effective. There's even a nice extended intro for the DJs...


Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Shortee Blitz on Kiss FM (1996)

Before Shortee Blitz got his own slot on Kiss FM he used to do guest mixes on Max & Dave's show. This one is from 1996 (I think) and features music by INI, Gauge, Mike Zoot & Mos Def, Rasco and Pete Rock.

Shout out to Crate Digga for sending this over.

Fallacy - Graceful In Death EP (2010)

I'm breaking tradition here as I never promote new releases on this blog but as Fallacy is one of my favourite MCs I thought I'd make an exception.
This is a solid EP, every track is a banger, and at £3 its money well spent.


Rumours (and the title!) suggest this might be his last release. I really hope thats not the case. Maybe if enough people support we'll get a part 2?