Sunday, 14 February 2010

DJ Mystery - Old Skool Hip Hop mix

Mystery's mixes are usually centred more on House or various forms of dance music but he can pretty much turn his hand to anything. Inspired by the London pirate stations he heard growing up, this is a well mixed selection of some his favourite 80s Hip Hop. Check it...


01 Eric B & Rakim 'Paid In Full' (Coldcut remix)
02 NWA 'Express Yourself'
03 Poor Righteous Teachers 'Time To Say Peace'
04 Public Enemy 'Dont Believe The Hype'
05 Antoinette 'A Is For...'
06 Slick Rick 'Childrens Story'
07 Big Daddy Kane 'Smooth Operator'
08 LL Cool J 'Rock The Bells'
09 Derek B 'Bad Young Brother'
10 De La Soul 'Buddy'
11 EPMD 'So Whatcha Sayin'
12 Spyder D 'I Cant Wait'
13 Sweet Tee 'Its Like That Yall'
14 BDP 'Jack Of Spades'
15 Lakim Shabazz 'Pure Righteousness'
16 2 Kool Posse 'Give Em A Sample'
17 3rd Bass 'Wordz Of Wizdom'
18 Whistle 'Just Buggin'
19 Cash Money & Marvellous 'Mighty Hard Rocker'
20 3D 'Once More'
21 Eric B & Rakim 'I Know You Got Soul' (Double Trouble remix)

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